Information Technologies

Head of the department

Doctor of Technical Science, Zaynidinov H.N.

Reception time: Monday-Friday (14: 00-16: 00)
Phone: (0 371) 238-65-19, 238-64-37

The department began its activity in August 2002 under the name of "Information technologies" department, from 2002 to 2013, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor S.S. Kasimov, PhD, V.N.Kogay, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor H.N. Zaynidinov,  PhD, Djailavov A.A, PhD, Karimova V.A. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kasimov S.S made a great contribution to the structure and development of the department.  Since September, 2016 the department is headed by the doctor of technical sciences, professor Zaynidinov Hakim Nasritdinovich.

From 2002 to 2009 he was the head of the Department of Information Technology. During this period he supervised 7 Ph.D. and 1 Doctor scientific work. Under Qosimov S.S.  leadership and involvement with more than 20 scientific and research works were accomplished  in agriculture. He is the author and co-author of 40 textbooks, manuals and brochures, 300 scientific articles, and over 50 certificates and patents.

In 2010-2011, the head of the Department of "Information Technology" was Ph.D., Associate Professor Kogay V.N, nowadays he works as a docent (associate professor) of the department, he is actively engaged in scientific work and is supervising the scientific work of the master's and bachelor's degrees.

From 2011 to 2012, Ph.D. Zaynidinov Kh.N. was the head of the Department of Information Technology and head of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2013-2015.Today, Zayniddinov Kh.N, under his leadership and involvement, more than 20 scientific and research works have been accomplished in agriculture. He is the author and co-author of 40 textbooks, manuals and brochures, 300 scientific articles, and over 50 certificates and patents, including his scientific works which have been published in scientific journals in England, Germany, USA, Slovakia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India and other countries.





Bachelor degree


Computer Engineering (IT Service)

Master's degree


Computer Engineering (Design of practical software)

Subjects taught at the department:

Bachelor's degree:

  • Business systems analysis and design
  • The data bank and the database
  • Intellectual systems
  • Information technologies service engineering and services management
  • Technology management
  • Web technologies
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Analysis and planning of information systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human and computer communication
  • Problem analysis and solution
  • Project management
  • Database Management Systems, Oracle Basics
  • Design of information systems
  • E-business fundamentals and mobile e-business
  • E-government
  • Normative legal framework of IT services
  • Management of the delivery chain
  • Cloud accounting
  • Electronic payment technologies

Master's degree

  • Information systems
  • Convergence in information systems
  • Business strategy in information and communication systems
  • Security of electronic government information system
  • Electronic payment technologies
  • Organizational and legal bases of e-government
  • E-government tools
  • Public interactive service
  • Designing and managing the e-governance system
  • Data Warehouse and Intelligence Analysis
  • Creating new products and services
  • Management of customer relationships
  • Supervising Master's degree students’ practical work

Professors and teachers of the department

  • Zaynidinov Hakimjon Nasiridinovich
  • Tursunbaеv Fozil Karimovich
  • Yakubov Maksadxan Sultaniyazovich
  • Kogay Valеriy Nikolaеvich
  • Karimova Venera Arkinovna
  • Zaynutdinova Mastura Baxadirovna
  • Kuvnakov Avaz Ergashеvich
  • Mirzaеv Avaz Egambеrdiеvich
  • Pak Vitaliy Stanislavovich
  • Usmanov Jonibеk Turdiqulovich
  • Alimova Fotima Muradullaevna
  • Yuldashеv Raxmon Xusanovich
  • Turg’unov Murod Raximdjanovich
  • Gaipnazarov Rustam Taxiritdinovich
  • Atadjanova Muqaddas Po'latovna
  • Xujaqulov Toshtemir Abduxafizovich
  • Naim Nodira Abdujalolovna
  • Jiyanbekov Xurshid Ravshanbekovich
  • Tursunov Islom Ismonjon o'g'li
  • Yelmuratov Madiyar Koshkinbayevich
  • Rozixodjayeva Dildora Abrarovna
  • Mannapov Dilshod Dilmurot o'g'li

The main tasks of the department are to train leading bachelors and masters of modern information technologies, teaching methodological and scientific- research works.

In recent years, with the help of the ICT Development Fund, 2 modern training laboratories have been created: "Parallel processing and IT services" and "Open source software" research laboratory.

Scientific work of the department

Fundamental scientific research works carried out in 2012-2016

  • F4-021 Theoretical and methodological foundations of the creation of intellectual software and hardware systems for processing and restoring speech in piecewise polynomial basis IT
    Zaynidinov H.N - Project Manager
    (2016) 15,0 mln. UZS - Project cost

Practical and scientific research works carried out in 2012-2015

  • A5-034 Zainutdinova M.B. Development of methods for operative processing of cardiological information and creation of hardware support facilities
    Zaynidinov H.N - Project Manager
    20,0 mln. UZS - Project cost

Innovative projects implemented in 2013-2016

  • I-2012-25 Computerized Functional Diagnosis System of Gastrointestinal Tract In Surgical Diseases
    Zaynidinov X.N. - Project Manager
    15,0 mln. UZS - by FulMK
    30,0 mln. UZS - by the shareholder (as a device)
  • A5-025 «Application of the logistics management system of Internet marketing research in the modernization of the economy»
    Yakubov M.S - Project Manager
    15,0 mln. UZS -Project Cost
  • A5-017 «Development of software for the organization of websites of national information and library institutions of the Republic»
    Zaynidinov H.N - Project Manager
    20,0 mln. UZS - Project cost
  • I-2012-26 «Creation of modern systematized software for accounting and financial accounting of commercial and state enterprises»
    Yakubov MS -Project Manager
    15,0 mln. UZS - Project cost

Scientific-methodical work of the department

  • Karimova V.A. - Development of a methodical manual on the course "Information Systems"
  • Zaynutdinova M.B. - Creation of methodical instructions for laboratory and practical works on Intellectual systems
  • Kuvnakov A.E. - Development of methodical instructions on the subject "Convergence in information systems"
  • Pak V.S. - Development case studies "software engineering"
  • Pak V.S. - Development of a laboratory workshop on the fundamentals of ORACLE SUBD

List of articles published by professors teachers and scientific researchers of the department

  • Tursunbaev F.K. - Kuvnakov А.Е. Metrological characteristics and providing reliability of statical multi-valued converter elements, TUIT news. 2015 No. 3 (35).
  • Kuvnakov A.E. - Djaylavov A.A. Research and analysis of the dynamics of user behavior in the Internet segment of Uzbekistan. ToshDTU news 2015, №1 (89)
  • Djaylavov A.A. - Kuvnakov А.Е. Mеthodological Aspеcts of Dеvеlopmеnt Logical Infеrеncе Procеdurеs in Diagnostic expеrt Systе Intеrnational Journal of Computеr Applications (17957-1401), IJCA Procееdings ICICT-2014, № 1, Octobеr 2014, p.1-4.