Cryptology and Discrete Mathematics

Head of the department:

Akhmedova Oydin Pulatovna

Hours: Monday-Friday (14:00-16:00)
Phone: (0 371) 238-65-09

For the purpose to ensure the implementation of the plan of tasks for the first half of 2016 (10 appendixes) of the meeting of the Presidium of the Cabinet of Ministers (pr. №5 from 25 January 2016), as well as on the proposal of the Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan the creation of the faculty "Information security"and the specialized departments as part of the faculty, as well as for the approval of this proposal in the Council on the technical safety of the Ministry of ICT on the development of information technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan (pr. №3 from 18 July, 2016) and by the decision of the Tashkent University of information Council technologies (dec. №1 (661) from 29 August 2016) established the Faculty of "Information security" with the specialized departments of "Providing information security" and "Cryptology and discrete mathematics" at the department "Information security" of the faculty "Computer engineering".

Department "Information Security" started its activities in September 2006 under the leadership of Prof. Karimov M.M., with a view to preparing bachelors in the educational field of "Information Security" and masters on a specialty "Information security, cryptography and cryptanalysis".

Until September 2016 the department was headed by prof. Karimov M.M. and PhD. Yusupov S.Yu. and Ph.D. Irgasheva Durdona Yakubjanovna.

Over the past 10 years, the teaching staff of the department has achieved some success in research, teaching, spiritual and educational work. During these years defended their PhD work, not only members of the department (Irgasheva D.Ya., Tashev K.A.), but also professionals working in industry organizations (Khasanov X.P.), supervisors were professor of Ganiev S.K. and Karimov M.M.

Bachelor directions:

Information Security;

Computer Engineering ("Information Security").

Master's Specialties:


Computer Engineering ("Information security, cryptography and cryptanalysis").

Subjects of the Department:


  • Information Security;
  • Steganography methods;
  • Databases security;
  • Cryptographic methods;
  • Information security protocols;
  • Identification and authentication;


  • Data and program protection;
  • Methods of practical cryptanalysis;
  • Engineering software security;
  • Internet Security;
  • Information security in telecommunications networks and systems;
  • Software and hardware tools of providing information security;
  • Protection of information in optical networks and systems;
  • Cryptographic methods of the information protection.

    Professors and teachers staff of the department:

    • Ahmedova Oydin Pulatovna - Head of Department, Ph.D.
    • Irgasheva Durdona Yakujanovna - dean of information security faculty, Ph.D.
    • Khudoykulov Zarif Turakulovich - Assistant
    • Islomov Shakhboz Zokir ugli - Assistant
    • Imamaliev Oybek Turobboevich - Assistant
    • Allanov Orif Menglimuratovich - Assistant
    • Mardiev Ulugbek Rasulovich - Assistant
    • Holimtaeva Ikbola Ubaydullaevna - Assistant

    Scientific and methodical work of the department teachers:

    • Ganiyev S.K. Karimov M.M. Tashev K.A. Axborot xavfsizligi. Oliy o’quv yurti talabalari uchun darslik;
    • Ganiyev S.K. Ganiyev A.A. Irgasheva D.Ya. Ma’lumotlar bazasi xavfsizligi. Oliy o’quv yurti talabalari uchun darslik (uzbek tilida);
    • Ganiyev S.K., Irgasheva D.Ya. Tashev K.A. Ma’lumotlar bazasi xavfsizligi Oliy o’quv yurti talabalari uchun darslik (rus tilida);
    • Irgasheva D.Ya., Islomov Sh.Z. Network Infrastructure and Security Policy Windows 8 OS. Kasb-hunar kollejlarining 32521900 – Axborot tizimlari va texnologiyalari yo’nalishi o’quvchilari uchun o’quv qo’llanma;
    • Tashev K.A., Irgasheva D.Ya. va Nasrullayev N.B. Kriptografik protokollar fanidan amaliy mashg’ulotlarni o’tkazishga uslubiy ko’rsatma;
    • Irgasheva D.Ya., Islomov Sh.Z. Ma’lumotlar bazasi tizimi xavfsizligi fanidan laboratoriya ishlarini bajarishga uslubiy ko’rsatma;
    • Xudoykulov Z.T. tomonidan Kriptografiya usullari fanidan laboratoriya ishlarini bajarishga uslubiy ko’rsatma;

    The scientific work of the department teachers:

    • Irgasheva D.Ya., Rustamov F. Digital signature electron commerce, TATU xabarlari (Vestnik)  (1(33)) 2015 yil, 96-100 bet.
    • Irgasheva D.Y. Role model with zone differentiation of access IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology. Volume:05. Issue:05, May 2016. eISSN-2319-1163, pISSN 2321-7308.
    • Д.Я.Иргашева А.К.Усманов Разработка ролевой модели с зональным разграничением доступа Международный научный журнал «Наука и Мир» (№6 (34), июнь).
    • M. Karimov, K.Tashev, Sh. Islomov. Increasing accuracy and reducing time of face recognition with Euclid norm. International Journal of Recent and Innovation trends in Computing and Communication. ISSN: 2321-8169. Volume:4. Issue:4. April 2016.

    The cooperation of the Department:

    • Institutions of South Korea (KAIST, INHA);
    • Leading Russian Universities.

      Cooperation with enterprises:

      • AK Uzbektelekom;
      • «UNICON.UZ» DUK;
      • Center for ensuring information security;
      • UzInfokom.