Higher Mathematics

The Head of the Department:

Raxmatov R.R

Reception: Wednesday , Friday (14:00 – 16:00)
Telephone: (8 371) 238-64-78

The department of High Mathematics has been organized in 1957 as one of the first Departments. In 1955 the department has been organized on the basis of the Department of High Mathematics and Physics. In 1957-1972nd years the head of the department of high mathematics was M.K.Kamolov, the candidate of physics-mathematics, lecturer (from 1964 professor). After his death in 1973-1975th years the candidate of physics-mathematics, lecturer M.J.Djurayev was elected as the head of the department so far. As for instance, the doctor of physics-mathematics, professor R.Ya.Suncheleyev (1975-1987) the candidate of Physics-Mathematics, lecturer E.I.Gegel (1987-1990) the candidate of Physics-Mathematics, lecturer F.Sh.Majidova (1991-1993), lecturer B.B.Ergashev (1993-1998). Lecturer R.N.Usmonov (1998- 2003). From the academic year 2003-2004 the Academic of The Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (O‘zFA), professor F.B.Abutaliyev has been elected as the head of department the professor teachers of the department of high mathematics have been providing students with deep education in different periods. And they have made a huge contribution to learning their specialty subjects as  many of the experienced teachers, there are some people who worked for the department: M.G.Gendler, X.Z.Baskina.

Lately lecturer A.I. Islomov,  teachers A.M. Lebedev, V.A. Xolmskiy, assistant   (the doctor of physics-mathematics , professor of  National University of Uzbekistan(O‘zMU ) Yo.R. Qo‘chqorov, lecturer M.D. Jo‘raev, teacher R.Raimov, lecturers S.U. Krutyakov, E.S. Kozlova, A.U. Karimov, teacher I. Validjonova, asistants R.Kamoliddinova, A.Zaytsev, teachers J.I. Mirxosilov, R.X. Xakimov, N.E. Alekseyeva, L.V.Frank, V.M. Obushnaya, T. K. Butko, assistants A.A. Agatayev, V.M. Gendler, lecturers SH.P. Primqulov, F. Buranov, teacher V.A.Jurayeva, I.L.Shopen, A.G.Xodjabagyan, assistants A.Sagintayev, M.M.Mamatov taught students on the secrets of mathematics.

From the organization of the department of High Mathematics great attention was paid to organizing scientific research. The Head of the Department professor Kamalov had a research on the theme “the division of squared spaces consisted of accidental quantities and their practice”. He translated the textbook of  V.I.Privalov on the theme of “Analytical Geometry” into Uzbek. He also created handbooks and manuals accompanied by the teachers of the department. 1962 His manual “Analytical Geometry” was published in the Uzbek language for Universities.

In 1998-2003rd years young teachers joined to the department together with experienced ones. They are  lecturers  R.N.Usmonov, A.N.Mirzaev, A.E.Mamatov, R.R.Raxmatov, X.A.Abduvaitov, A.T. Temirbekov, teacher X.M.Bulakbaev,  asistants: N.A. Pardaeva, X.D. Azizov, M.T. Payzieva, Sh.E. Tadjibayeva, O.I. Abdug‘aniyeva, F.S. Raximova.

In 1996 “The theory of speculation and Statistics” separated from the department of Informatics. Professor Sh.A.Miraxmedov was elected as the head of this department. The department was combined to the faculty of Engineering-Economics. At the beginning periods of activities of the department academic Sh.Q. Farmonov, lecturers Yu.K.Axatov, Z.S.Chay, O.O. Norxojayev, assistants O.A. Saidova, O‘.N. Qalandarov  worked hard during the works of Department Sh.A.Miraxmedov, O‘.N.Qalandarov, O.A.Saidova defended candidate dissertations. The work of the Department was finished in 2002, December and was combined to the Department of “High Mathematics”.

About 400 scientific papers, more than 200 handbooks were published by the teachers of the Department,  Abutaliyev controlled scientific researches devoted to one of the trends of the Higher Mathematics Department “To create programming provisions and mathematical model of the systems accepted on the base of the ways of logics and indefinite base of education on the base of the expert systems”.

In 2013-2014th years Higher Mathematics Department has been divided into two parts. Those are “Higher Mathematics” and “Algorithmic and Mathematical Modeling”

Nowadays in the department of high Mathematics under the leadership of R.R.Raxmatov the teachers are working: lecturers lectures: T.X.Adirov, I.M.Xamdamov, O.A.Islomova, Z.S. Chay, S.S.Sadaddinova,   teachers: R.S.Xudazarov, Sh.E. Tadjibayeva, N.A. Pardaeva, K.A. Igamberdiyev, D.S. Yaxshibaev,  assistants: O.I. Abdug‘aniyeva,  A.A.Xaitmetov, S.K. Shoyimardonov, N.S.Najimov, M.M.Sagdullayeva, Sh.M.Fayzullayev, M.X.Andayev,  M.R. Eshimbetov,  M.Z.Sayfullayeva,  F.S.Abdullayeva, A.A.Matchanova, J.SH.Safarov, H.H.Sobirov who have pedagogical experience and scientific power.

Following scientific researches are being carried out in the department of high mathematics:

  • Research and practical application of mathematical modeling covering the continuous case
  • To remake statistically the Information in the system of communication

The professor teachers of the department are working on creating manuals for using new communication technologies and changing manuals into Latin alphabet.

The educational tendencies of bachelor’s degree of the department:


Computer engineering( “AT-sеrvis”, “Information security”, “Multimеdia tеchnology”);


Information Security


Software engineering


Tеlеcommunication technologies (“Tеlеcommunications”, “Broadcast”, the systems of Mobile)


Tеlеvision tеchnologies (“Audiovisual tеchnology”, “the systems of Tеlеstudio and explanations”)


Economy and Management on the base of communication technologies


Information and communication technologies in teaching


Postal communication technology


Of Information and Library Science

The subjects taught in the Department

Bachelor’s degree:

  • High Mathematics
  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Professor teachers of the department

  • Raxmatov Rabbim Raxmatovich
  • Adirov Toliboy Xasanovich
  • Xamdamov Isakjan Mamasaliyevich
  • Islamova Odila Abduraimovna
  • Chay Zoya Sеrgееvna
  • Saddaddinova Sanobar Sabirovna
  • Tadjibaеva Shaxzodaxan Ergashеvna
  • Pardaеva Nilufar Avduvaxabovna
  • Igambеrdiеv Karimbеrdi Abdullaеvich
  • Xudazarov Ravshan Saparovich
  • Yaxshibaеv Doniyor Sultonbaеvich
  • Xaitmetov Adham Axinjanovich
  • Shoyimardonov Sobirjon Komiljonovich
  • Eshimbetov Muzaffar Ro’zinboyevich
  • Andayev Mashrabjon Xayrullayevich
  • Fayzullayev Sherali Mavrutaliyevich
  • Najimov Nizomiddin Saydiyevich
  • Sagdullayeva Manzura Murodaliyevna
  • Sayfullayeva Maftuxa Zayfullaevna
  • Abdullayeva Feruza Saydaxmadovna
  • Matchanova Aygul Azadovna
  • Abduganiyeva Ozoda Ismagilovna
  • Safarov Jo’rabek Shakarovich
  • Sobirov Hamidullo Habibullayevich

Scientific researches being carried out in the department in the following directions:

  • Differential equations and mathematical physics
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Mathematical modeling and numerical methods
  • Theory of probability and mathematical statistics
  • Mechanics of a deformable solid

The address of the department.: A-block, 3 floor, room 306, 307, 309, 311