Applicant instruction

- при передаче тестовых материалов другому абитуриенту или оказании им помощи;
- при выносе тестовых материалов за пределы здания, рвании страниц книги тестовых заданий;
- при отказе сдачи тестовых материалов после окончания времени, выделенного для тестовых испытаний;
- при определении с помощью видеонаблюдения во время тестовых испытаний о несоблюдении абитуриентом правил и порядка.
The entrant must submit all relevant documents to the admission committee and confirm the correctness of the information entered into the applicant’s database. At the end of the time for receiving the application documents, the complaints are not taken into account.
The applicant participates in the test trials on the day and time indicated in the applicant's admission.
During the test the applicant has the right:
- use the test book as a draft;
- perform the test tasks before the deadline, after to give the test materials to the group supervisor and leave the test area.
The applicant should come on the day of test to the territory of the building on the first shift until 07:00 (on the second shift until 13:00), passes into the building on the first shift until 07:30 (on the second shift until 13:30) only with the admission of the applicant and a passport through identification equipment and video fixing devices, observing the order. At the same time, the entrants of the first shift from 07:30 to 08:00, the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00 are required to do the following:
- check the correspondence of the number (digits) of the test book with the numbers (figures) of the answer sheet;
- checks the test material for errors and typos, in case of presence of these problems, applicant should warn about it the controller of the group;
- fills out the answer sheet correctly;
- in the indicated places on the cover of the book of test and the answer sheet applicant writes his name, first name, patronymic and puts the signature;
- correctly copies the number of the answer sheet to the indicated places on the admission of the applicant and the title page and puts the signature;
- correctly writes off the special code and the code of the institution listed in the title page to the indicated place on the answer sheet and paints the corresponding circles (cells).
The applicant, in addition, is personally responsible for the following:
- filling the answer sheet with a ballpoint pen with blue paste color;
- Do not add a sheet of answers in half, do not write on the marker line, do not paint the circles located under the answer sheet number;
- since the answer sheet is the main document confirming the level of knowledge, correct filling is needed;
- before the end of the allotted time, perform the test tasks in the test book, paint the circles in the answer sheet in accordance with the tests in the book, pass the test book and the corresponding answer sheet to the group controller.
Test assignments are made on the basis of the curricula of general secondary and secondary specialized education, vocational education.
The applicant in accordance with the chosen direction of education passes the test on one, two or three blocks of disciplines respectively.
To perform test tasks (together with the completion of the answer sheet) is allocated with 60 test tasks - 2 hours, 90 test tasks should be done in 3 hours.
Each test task has 4 alternative answers ("A", "B", "C", "D").
For each test task, the applicant must note only one answer. One answer circle is marked up, which is considered correct, on the answer sheet with the number corresponding to the number in the test book (you cannot change the shaded answers in the answer sheet). If the rules of the "sample for painting" of the answer sheet are not observed, including, if the circle corresponding to the test task is not painted on the answer sheet or two or more circles are painted over or completely filled, then this test task will not be credited with points.
The applicant is not allowed to leave the group during the delivery of the test assignments, the newly released applicant is not allowed back to the tests. Exception in the event of leaving the group under the supervision of the controllers of the group without test materials, in the case of adversely affects health.
In the following cases, applicants will be expelled from the test and the results will not come out:
- when attempting to carry out a calculator, dictionary, tables, books, cell phone, computer, telecommunication devices and other means, cribs to the test, as well as in the case of carrying or when using them during test tests;
- when transferring test materials to another applicant or assisting them;
- when carrying out test materials outside the building, tearing the pages of the book of test tasks;
- if the test materials fail to be delivered after the end of the time allocated for the tests;
- when determining applicant's non-compliance with rules and procedures by the use of video surveillance during tests.