Television and Radio Broadcasting Systems

Head of the department:

Rahimov Bakhtiyorjon Nematovich

Reception days:Monday - Saturday(15:00 – 17:00)
Phone:(0 371) 238-64-84

History of the department

The Department of TV and Radio Broadcasting was formed on September 3, 2010, when the departments "Antenna-feeder devices" and "Television and Radio Broadcasting" were merged.

The chair "Antenna-feeder devices" (formerly "Technical Electrodynamics and Antennas") was founded in 1965 by the transformation of the departments "Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering" and "Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering", which are part of the Radio Communication and Broadcasting Department. In the beginning the department began its activity under the guidance of Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Likontsev Nikolai Nikolaevich. He made a great contribution to the creation of an educational and technical laboratory of electrodynamics and antenna-feeder devices, to the publication of methodological materials.

Later in 1967-1979, Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor Tsitovich Petr Aleksandrovich, in 1979-1988, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Tatyana Borisovna Bezkakova, in 1988-2003, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Gabzalilov Galiya Fakhretdinovich, In 2003-2010, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Likontsev Dmitry Nikolayevich worked as Head of the Department. In those years, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Gan Svetlana Pavlovna, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Serova Galina Sergeevna, Candidate of Technical Sciences Evgeny Vitalievich Soloviev, Teachers Smirnov Alexander Borisovich, Rusynkevich Zoya Edmundovna, Bitkov Vladimir Abramovich worked at the Department.

The Department of Television and Radio Broadcasting, attached to the Department of TV and Radio Broadcasting, was established in 1960 and as a profiling department was a part of the Radio Communication and Broadcasting Faculty. The chair was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor KN Matvienko (1960-1964), Ph.D., Associate Professor Li Saint-San (1964-1964), Senior Lecturer M.Vaulin (1969-1970). ), Honored Communications Officer of Uzbekistan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Sh.Z.Tazhibaev (1970-1980 and 2002-2005), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Yu.S. Sagdullaev (1980-2001), Ph.D. Sci., Associate Professor EVMahmudov (2005-2008), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor T.G.Rakhimov (2008-2011), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Kh.S.Soatov (2014-2017).

In 1970, the department opened the first research laboratory. The laboratory was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Sh.Z.Tazhibaev. In the laboratory using semiconductor devices, in the period 1977-1982. An experimental copy of the first color television camera was created. The creation of a television camera has made great practical assistance in the development of large-scale scientific research. Joint work was carried out with the academicians of the Russian Space Research Institute with GA Sagdeev, the design office "Koinot" of Tashkent city Sh.A.Vahidov, the Institute of Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan T.Yuldashev, the Institute of Nuclear Physics UGGulyamov . As a result, the first television microscope and the first color video camera were created based on the charge-coupled device matrix.

Subsequent scientific research was devoted to the introduction of digital technology in television. The first device was created in 1982 at the second international conference in Yerevan, Armenia. Employees of the scientific laboratory were established in 1982-1985. "The television device defining the state of the shape of the object at a distance", and in 1988-1990. "Device for converting small-frame television signals in a multi-frame standard".

Since 2017, Doctor of Technical Sciences, associate professor Rakhimov Bakhtiyor Nematovich works as the head of the department of "TV and radio broadcasting system". B. Rakhimov worked as the deputy dean of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies. Now a days he is chairman of the Union of Young Scientists of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies.



  • "Radio wave propagation and antenna-feeder devices";
  • "Electromagnetism";
  • "Television";
  • "Digital processing of audio and video signals";
  • "Digital television";
  • "Broadcasting";
  • "Antennas and wave propagation in wireless systems"
  • "Electromagnetic fields and waves"


  • “Laying-TV systems”
  • "Audio Video Encoding Systems"
  • "Volumetric television"
  • “Fundamentals of electroacoustics”


  • Rakhimov B.N. – Head of the Chair, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Rakhimov TG . – Ph.D., Professor
  • Gubenko V.A. – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Gavrilov I.A. – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Kan V.S. – Senior Lecturer
  • Shahobiddinov A.Sh. – Senior Lecturer
  • Aripova U.H. – Senior Lecturer
  • Akhmedova A.Kh. – Senior Lecturer
  • Gaziev H.G. – Assistant
  • Yusupova A.R. – Assistant
  • Umarov U.A. – Assistant
  • Berdiev A.A. – Assistant
  • Sultonova D.E. – Assistant
  • Ibragimov D.B. – Assistant
  • Nosirov H.H. – Assistant
  • Puziy A.N. – Assistant

At the department there are laboratories for training in subjects: Basics of television, Digital television, Electroacoustics, Electromagnetism, Antenna-feeder devices.

Every year on the specialty "Television, radio communication and broadcasting", about 200 bachelors assigned to the department "TV and Radio Broadcasting Systems" hold a final practice, production and training practice. Under the guidance of professors-teachers of the department, approximately 100 bachelor's final qualification papers and about 25 master's scientific dissertations are defended.


Now a days at the department a number of scientific research and problem projects: «Создание методик расчета ослабления радиоволн в тоннелях», «Разработка программных средств телевизионного вейвлет аудио-видеокодека с межкадровой обработкой для 3G сотовых телефонов», «Разработка действующей модели радиотехнической безэховой камеры», «Разработка программного обеспечения телевизионного кодека для IP-телевидения и мобильной связи», «Модернизация научно практической лаборатории АФУ», «Разработка технологии совместной установки антенн различных операторов на одной опоре», «Разработка методик оценки качества обслуживания и зон уверенного приема станциями радиоконтроля», «Разработка и создание измерительного стенда для тестирования работоспособности ВОЛС под воздействием окружающей среды» are been researched.

In the first semester of the 2014-2015 academic year, the IP-TV laboratory in the training room Raqamli televidenie started functioning.

The project entitled "Antenna-fider qurilmalari bo'yicha o'quv-amaliy laboratoriya" is funded by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies with the aim of further improving the education system for the preparation of students and undergraduates.

The educational and methodical base of the Department of "TV and Radio Broadcasting System" is filled year after year with textbooks, teaching aids published by the teachers of the department. In particular, under the authorship of Ph.D., associate professor Sh.Z.Tazhibaev, "Television", "Tasvirni tiklovchi qurilma", "Tasvirni tiklovchi tuzilma", " Zamonaviy telekommunikatsiya atamalari lug‘ati " were created. Associate Professor of the department M.Z. Zuparov were created in collaboration with the professor of the Novosibirsk Academy of Communications and Informatics (Russia) G.Katunin, the manuals in Uzbek and Russian languages, the Russian-Uzbek dictionary. In 2014, under his authorship was published book "Elektroakustika va arxitektura akustikasi".

In 2015, under the authorship of Ph.D., Professor AA Abduazizov and Ph.D., Professor TG Rakhimov "Radiotexnik tizimlar ", Ph.D., associate professor D. N. Likonsev and the senior teacher A.Sh. Shakhobiddinov "Radioto‘lqinlarning tarqalishi va antenna-fider qurilmalari", in 2016 under the editorship of Kh.S. Soatov and the authorship of IA Gavrilov, TG Rakhimov, AN Puziy.

Kh. N. Nosirova, Sh.M. Kadirova was published in 3 types (Russian, Uzbek Latin and Cyrillic languages) textbook "Raqamli televideniye". Teachers of the department A.Sh. Shakhobiddinov, U.Kh.Aripova, U.A.Umarov, A.N.Puziy, H.H. Nosirov conduct research to obtain a Ph.D.